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About Us

Med Advantage LLC (“Med Advantage”), headquartered in Bloomfield, NJ, provides information system services, healthcare revenue cycle management, real estate development, finance & accounting, taxation, HR & Payroll and administrative support services to different clients. Med Advantage is affiliated to Medical Arts Holdings, LLC. All our Managing Partners have decades of experience with backgrounds in both financial, operational management, real estate and healthcare industry.

Med Advantage was originally incorporation in the name of Med Leasing on May 21, 2012 and later changed its name to Med Advantage LLC on September 14, 2012. The Company has 40+ employees working at the Bloomfield and several other client locations in New Jersey & New Jersey

Med Advantage provides management services, information system services, accounting and finalization services and group purchasing to multiple client. For our healthcare related clients, our main aim is to relieve physicians of non-medical business functions so that they can concentrate on the clinical aspects of their practice. With recent and constant reforms/changes in health care laws, our business aims to make physician practice groups remain compliant with all the rules and regulations while helping them retain their focus on the clinical aspects.

Med Advantage is managed by professionals who have more than a decade of health management, accounting and IT experience. The group has a track record in building healthcare software applications and providing system integration for healthcare products by employing unique custom processes and procedures. Med Advantage understands the challenges involved in implementing IT systems in the healthcare industry. The services we provide using our employees and technological solutions help healthcare providers immensely by improving their efficiency and speed in deploying systems while minimizing risks associated with introduction of new technologies/processes.